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[♖] nothing else matters, only us

Posted: Sat Nov 16, 2019 1:33 am
by 76heart
And they will
our towers
our names
And the ravens black over the
fields of ash
our tales of
When bells of
And I remain
blood and war
Behind a
scornful smile
Let it all burn down around us
Let the cruel consume the just

So much I have lost and so much I resent
My spite became the steps upon the stairway of descent

Let the sin we swim in drown us
Let the world shatter
Into dust

dragon gifs??? probably????
warning for targaryens being very targaryen
and also murderous
because a certain two really don't understand consequences
and we get another dance of dragons

Serion Brune--- climbing on my desire

Posted: Sun Nov 24, 2019 9:04 pm
by Iris

xxxxxxxi. Serion Brunexxxxxxxii. Malexxxxxxxiii. Twenty-twoxxxxxxxiv. 6'2xxxxxxxv. Outlaw of House Brune


While he may not have been born from a Great House, or even from one of historical noble blood, Serion Brune had an upbringing to be envied by most commoners. The second born son of three to a landed knight from House Brune, Serion had a comfortable life with a good parents who loved him and his brothers alike. Even when circumstances called him to leave his family's estate to reside instead in King's Landing as just a child, life was just as good- better, even. It was during his years in the capitol of the the Seven Kingdoms that he would come to know one of the princesses of the ruling House Targaryen, befriending the beautiful princess before falling completely and irrevocably in love with her even in their youth, even if he knew that nothing would come to be from it- not only due to titles, but the fact that she had already been promised to another, arranged to marry her own brother in accordance to Targaryen tradition. Still, life was good, and he enjoyed every opportunity he was given to see her even as he began squiring at a young age, enchanted with the prospect of becoming a knight like his father since he was just a young boy. He trained tirelessly with a sword during his years as a squire, the training coming to a head when he was called away from King's Landing as just a teenager, heading off to battle.

The experienced changed his life more than he could have anticipated. It led to the death of his older brother and a sense of disenchantment of any titles and nobility- a combination which changed a part of him so completely that it could never be fixed, and which led to an encounter which only served to further derail all that he had worked for. Serion's head was called for, a price put upon it, but Serion did not succumb to the orders of a lord. Rather, he became an outlaw, surviving for years outside of the law of the realm, relying on himself and his sword to survive. His boldness and confidence only grew as he became a young man, and when news of a tournament spread, Serion did not hesitate in his decision to attend the event- not after he realized that his beloved princess would be in attendance.


Valaena Targaryen--- meaner than my demons

Posted: Tue Dec 24, 2019 1:42 pm
by Iris

xxxxxxxi. Princess Valaena Targaryenxxxxxxxii. Femalexxxxxxxiii. Twenty-eightxxxxxxxiv. 5'7xxxxxxxv. Princess of House Targaryen


The second born child but eldest daughter of the head of House Targaryen, Valaena's destiny was clear from the moment she was brought in to the world. She was a princess, and in accordance to Valyrian tradition, was to one day be queen as the wife of her older brother and the family's heir, Raemar. Unlike some who might resent their fate or the nature of it, however, Valaena embraced it even as a child. She was always proud of her Valyrian blood, taking the traditions that stemmed from that bloodline as nearly sacred, giving far more reverence to them than nearly anything else in life. Even beyond that was her fondness for her brother, a crush that quickly developed in to love as she grew older, further aiding her in not dreading the day that they would wed, but rather eagerly anticipating it. They married when she was twenty years old. Besides her husband, however, Valaena's affections were rarely spotted. The only other reliable exceptions were Lucaerys, her brother one year her junior who she had in large part grew up beside, and dragons, especially close with her own dragon Meraxes. Outside of them, her relationships with others, even with those within her own family, were often far more complicated. Valaena's focus was always on her husband and the strength and future of their house that would one day be ruled by their descendants, and that led little room for tolerance of those that might weaken that position and little use for people outside of the family. Even beyond that, she felt disinterested or annoyed by most. Valaena was arrogant and quick to resort to violence, caring little for the suffering of others if she was angered, felt disrespected, or if their suffering was necessary to further the position of House Targaryen. Her tactics and inclinations could be brutal and merciless, far too willing to make what others might deem as the hard choice, and hardly above the use of displays of force. She wasn't one to be crossed or disrespected, and made no attempt to hide how dangerous she could be. For all of her brutal inclinations, a love for her husband, an affection for her brother, an adoration for dragons and soaring through the skies, as well as desire for children remained dearest to her, undoubtedly her greatest weaknesses.


[♖] raemar targaryen, king of it all

Posted: Tue Jul 21, 2020 10:42 pm
by 76heart

━━━━━━━━━━━━━━in        m    y━━━
━━━━━no i   c  a  n  '  t   be━━━━━
━━i'm  a  fighter ━━━━━━━━━━
━━━━━━━━ i'm   first  to  the ━
━━i  was  made, made  to  win━━
prince raemar targaryen, first of his name and heir
to the iron throne of the seven kingdoms, was
destined to be the next king the very moment he
came into the world, and four years later, his first
sister valaena, his queen. four more siblings
followed, and he now stands at the height of six
feet, five inches, and is at the age of thirty-four.
raemar was trained to fight viciously from the very
second he could hold a stick, and he took quickly
to his duties and lessons as soon as they began,
along with the doting and whispers of greatness
within his ears of the glory he held with the blood
of old valyria within his veins. though the feeling
in any regard was only rarely shared with his first
brother lucaerys, he loved valaena from the very
start, first as a brother, then as a boy with a crush,
and finally as so much more as they grew. while
most would have felt horror, he never shied away
from the traditions of his targaryen ancestors, and
eagerly awaited the day he would marry her, which
finally came when he was twenty-six. she is his
entire world, and he would burn it all for her from
the back of his dragon taegall. his nature is brutal,
of fire and blood and rash, and he desires most of
all to be with his dearest love and their dragons
soaring through the sky every moment that passes,
but as the heir and next king, he knows he must
keep that responsibility in mind, and though he is
violent, he wants to be a good king.

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